Excavator & Backhoe Attachment converts a toothed bucket to a grading bucket. 

A Contractors Dream
Gradeblade Squeegee Blade

GRADEBLADE has an endless audience.  Take a look below at all the various uses of GRADEBLADE

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A Gradeblade is great for handling mulch and rock. Professional landscapers can use our blades for shaping out flower or shrubbery beds. You can also cut sub-grade for your stone walls or landscaping stone. Our amazing blades will not cut grass/sod, so you will leave nice clean lines in your clients’ yards. Gradeblades are ideal for Cemetery digging.



When you need a ditch for laying water mains or infiltrating for septic systems, a smooth bottom surface is necessary. The T-120 steel cutting edge on a Gradeblade Crumbing Blade is all you need to obtain that smooth, clean surface. By covering the teeth of your bucket, our Crumbing Blades help prevent water lines from being snagged and broken.



Whether you are a utility contractor, general contractor, demolition contractor or a concrete contractor, Gradeblade will help you increase job productivity while reducing the amount of time spent on back filling. Our blades eliminate cut sod and teeth-marks in yards and reduce racking and shoveling time by 98 percent.



With a workforce of over 35 thousand civilians and military members, the US Army Corps of Engineers helps plan, design, build and operate water resources and military facilities for the nation. From digging ditches to clearing out property with the efficiency and universal appeal of a Gradeblade.


Dirt Tracks

We recommend our long 72’ Squeegee Blade for this job. Whether it’s a horse, dog, motocross or sprint car track, when they turn those corners dirt gets kicked up and thrown outside and around fence posts. With the end of a Gradeblade Squeegee Blade you can reach behind and under the fence and pull the dirt back onto the track; keeping you from having to hand shovel the track.