Excavator & Backhoe Attachment converts a toothed bucket to a grading bucket. 

Hall's Gradeblade Excavator Squeegee Blade

Hall's Gradeblade Squeegee Blade Attachment

With the Exavator GRADEBLADE Squeegee Blade, you can leave the bulldozer at home. This blade, made of 1/2" Abrasive Resistant steel on the front half and 1/2" Hot Roll steel on the back half, does all the work you need. All blades have a T-120 cutting edge.  The Excavator Squeegee Blade is available in four sizes and requires no tools to install.

GRADEBLADE's Excavator Blade does your work faster and better. All Excavator Blades are custom made to fit any brand and type of machinery and requires no tools to install. We just need a couple measurements from your bucket.

To Order Your Custom Excavator Blade, click on THIS LINK, or call EQUIPMENTLAND at 1-800-214-1649.