Hall's Gradeblade

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Throw away those shovels and rakes and slide on a GRADEBLADE Squeegee Blade or Crumbing Blade. In just 60 seconds these blades will shorten your work day, clean up a job site and save you money. GRADEBLADE fits every size bucket and any brand machine!

The mission of the GRADEBLADE is to help contractors increase job productivity while saving time and money. After 30 years in the business, our company has created a product that is inexpensive, convenient, fits everything and is 100% American made. GRADEBLADE is a small company with a great concept, committed to finishing a job faster and better.

All Steel & 100% American Made 

In just 60 seconds GRADEBLADE Crumbing and Squeegee Blades will slide over the teeth of your bucket; always bringing material towards you.
GRADEBLADE guarantees their blades will reduce backfill time, leave no teeth marks and eliminate the need to rake, shovel, spread sand or run a compactor.


Here's just a few of our customers testimonials ...

FYI:  Your Grade Blade worked like a champ.  In about two hours I had 250 ft. of trench filled back in; and most importantly; the lawn that had been under the spoils still looked really good. 

Tom Abbott, Water Whispers Inc

Wheat Ridge, CO

I just wanted to tell you again how pleased we are with your dirt squeegee blade.  My son called me on the radio ... to tell me it was the best thing I ever order.

Steven E. Simmons, Earle F. Simmons Co., Inc.

Hanover, Massachusetts

I would like to Thank Mr Hall for coming out with a product that really surpassed my expectation , I am a plumbing contractor and I purchased the squeegee grade blade for my septic and drain field business. It worked like a champ. I was able to dig,grade and back fill a drain field in half the time it would have taken me using two machines. with a kubota mini excavator I was able to the whole job. I will recommend Halls Gradeblade to all my construction colliges [sic] and friends. te from the media that gives prospective buyers confidence in your brand, your products, or your customer service.

Celso Melendes, PSI Plumbing Inc.

Thanks for getting me my blade out right away.  The workmanship is great and we are very excited to have this product on our machine to make the work go faster.

The idea is shear genius and it works great.  Keep up the good work.

Mike Morris, President

Industrial Disposal & Recycling

South Bend, Indiana